Take a sponsorship

In Paris, like previous years, Sponsors will be offered 2 opportunities to show up:

  • Classical sponsoring with extended visibility possibilities
  • Hospitality Rooms

Since 2004, the Conference of the Petroleum & Chemicals Industry Committee (PCIC) Europe has been a great success with a yearly attendance above 200 participants.

In addition, the Tutorials sessions introduced in Weimar in 2008 have proven to be successful to enlarge the profile of our Visitors and to increase their effective time to share experiences. In order to maximize the opportunities to build relationship and in the light of the previous years various arrangements, we have decided, for the 2019  Paris, to organize  Hospitality Area’s.

But before and after the Conference itself, we are also pleased to inform you that several thousands of persons use PCIC Website to look for information about previous conferences or find links to main standards Committees, IEEE, IECEX, OBIEC… So, it will be possible for Sponsors to get visibility through the PCIC Europe Website and the materials distributed during the Conference itself.

As each company has its own policy, we offer 3 levels of contribution: Silver , Gold and Platinum so that each Sponsor get recognized in proportion of his own effort. Please see details below. The following table shows the benefits proposed to the Sponsors in respect with their contribution.

1) Sponsorship level

Benefits / Contribution Silver 4000 € Gold  5500 € Platinum  6500 € 
Sponsor logo will be displayed in Promotion video ( only if Sponsorship is confirmed before Jan 1st.)NILNILYES
Sponsor logo will be displayed on the multilingual Conference flyers NILNILYES
Capability to refer to this event in media communicationYESYESYES
Company’s logo displayed on PCIC Europe Website Home page and Conference page with link to Sponsor’s website during 12 monthsNIL NIL 12 months
Company’s logo displayed on PCIC Europe Website “What is PCIC” page with link to Sponsor’s website during:12 months12 months12 months
Company’s logo displayed on PCIC Europe Website Sponsors’ page with link to Sponsors’ website during:12 months12 months12 months
Company’s logo displayed on PCIC Europe DVD faceNILNILYES
Company’s logo displayed on PCIC Europe DVD front page according to template for SponsorsSilver sizeGold sizePlatinum size
Company’s logo shown during opening speechYESYESYES
Company’s logo displayed on “Partners Posters” dressed in evening cocktail area, welcome room, registration desk, hotel reception according to the template for SponsorsSilver sizeGold sizePlatinum size
Company’s logo displayed in the Conference scheduleNILNILYES
Company’s logo in the Conference programYESYESYES

What is also Included ?

During Conference Lunch and  Coffee breaks , PCIC is offering the Silver, Gold and Platinum Sponsors  the possibility to increase visibility by displaying their activities’ on small booth/tables.

Restrictions: Small Booth / Table of maximum 2 x 2 meters Incl. small products, banner, photo and/or video display (no audio/verbal presentation) from Sponsor company. There are no additional costs involved.

The Small Booth organizers shall also register for the conference , only 1 guest allowed for general support. The sponsor booth will be install at the coffee break location and all the attendees will have a direct access to your team.

In case of interest please refer to application form.

Possibility to have a Poster Session at your booth (subject to approval by Technical committee)

To take a Sponsor position, please download the Order for Sponsorship, please fill all fields in and mail to pascal.egli@pcic-europe.eu and bert.engbers@pcic-europe.eu . 

Please remember to attach your logo (electronic in .png format) and the internet link to your company’s website for display on the PCIC Europe website according to your sponsoring level.

In case of any questions related to additional sponsorship offerings please feel free to contact bert.engbers@pcic-europe.eu for further clarifications

2) Company representatives’ fee reduction package 

During PCIC Paris we offer our Sponsors the possibility to order Company representative fee package against reduced rate.

The sponsor representative package will cost € 2000, – and is including entrance of 3 company representatives during the PCIC event.

In case of interest please contact: thibaut.jouvet@pcic-europe.eu

3) Welcome event:

Hold, details will follow if any

4) Special gift

PCIC Paris Special gift

Companies are invited to distribute a special gift of their logo to all attendees. The Sponsor has to inform PCIC Europe of what they intend to offer by end of February 2019 to prevent from redundancies. Sponsors are invited to delegate one person from their company to stand at the registration desk before the conference begins and distribute the gift in person to the Attendees. Sponsors are responsible for storage of their gifts.

The Special Gift package will cost € 1500

Please, be aware:

Distribution of gifts not preliminary accepted by the PCIC Executive Committee is forbidden

Gifts should match the Air Company’s safety rules

In case of interest please contact: bert.engbers@pcic-europe.eu

Hospitality Rooms 


Hospitality area will be opened on :

Monday May 6th, 06.00 -12.00 pm  ( decision by Sponsor )

Tuesday May 7th 04.00-06.15 pm and from 8.30 -12.00 pm

(After 8.30 pm sponsors may have the opportunity to welcome guests at the Hospitality Suite as mentioned or organize their own event outside the hotel conference but the sponsor commits not to invite more than 10-12 conference attendances Wednesday May 8th 04.00 – 12.00 pm )

Wednesday May 8th 04.00–12.00 pm,

  • Hospitality suites are only permitted for conference sponsors and only if Sponsorship invoice is paid prior to PCIC Paris Conference starts.
  • Hospitality suites are on the 10th floor of the Hotel.
  • Hospitality suites rental per day: 600 euros incl. VAT, and excluding Food & Beverage. HS booking is only  for a 3-day package. No rental possible for only 1 or 2 day(s).
  • The hospitality suite organizers shall also register for the conference, only 1 guest allowed for general support
  • Book your Hospitality suite directly on the following link: https://book.passkey.com/go/pcichospitality
  • You can also book Food & Beverage by email to Sonia Degachi H2192-SB8@ACCOR.COM before April 25th. Click here for the Hospitaliy Suites Food & Beverage offers.
  • If you meet any trouble during your booking, please contact the Hotel directly:
    Contact person :
    75012 PARIS – France
    T. +33 (0) 1 44 67 34 88
  • Deliveries would be accepted at the above address as from the Friday 3rd of May. Do not forget to mention the name of the event and the contact of Mrs. Sonia Degachi on the parcels.
  • Terms & conditions for the HS booking (provided by the Hotel)